Our People

Our team of expert stockbrokers, advisers and analysts focus on developing investment strategies to deliver long term capital and income growth.

Ian Bolton

Senior Partner

E: i.bolton@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Ian joined James Sharp & Co in 1994 and became a Partner in 1999 before being made Senior Partner in 2002. With more than 30 years experience in stockbroking, Ian is responsible for the financial and operational performance of the firm and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (FCSI).

Martin Entwistle

Partner - Dealing

E: m.entwistle@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Martin trained as an accountant before joining James Sharp & Co in 1996. He became a Partner in 1999 and provides advisory and dealing expertise. Martin is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (FCSI).

Mike Tulip

Partner - Compliance & Finance

E: m.tulip@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Mike is a qualified Chartered Accountant with ultimate responsibility for the compliance and regulatory requirements of the business. He joined James Sharp in 1997 and advises the partnership of any processes affecting its business activities and assets. Mike is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (FCSI).

Steve Ross

Associate - Investment Adviser/Dealer

E: s.ross@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Steve joined James Sharp & Co in 2005 following a career in Banking and Treasury Management. He qualified as a Investment Adviser shortly after joining the partnership and undertakes dealing functions for advisory clients. Steve explores new investment opportunities as well as keeping up-to date with existing investments. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (FCSI).

Robert Fogg

Investment Adviser/Dealer

E: r.fogg@jamessharp.co.uk

Robert joined James Sharp & Co in November 2011 from a background in accounting and auditing. He is a qualified Investment Adviser and an integral part of the Dealing and Advisory team. Robert first started working with James Sharp as an undergraduate in 2002.

Adam Frankland

Investment Adviser/Probates

E: a.frankland@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 762 3779

Adam joined James Sharp & Co in 2015 as an International Business Studies undergraduate from Manchester Metropolitan University. He is part of the dealing team after completing his exams in May 2017 & he is also responsible for managing probate matters within the business and overseeing the security of the client online area.

Philip Hull

Investment Adviser

E: p.hull@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Phil joined James Sharp & Co in January 2019. He has over 30 years’ experience of stockbroking and investment management. Phil has Chartered FCSI member status of the CISI and also has been accredited with the CISI Chartered Wealth Manager status.

Joe Entwistle

Trainee Investment Adviser and Dealer Support

E: j.entwistle@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Joe joined James Sharp & Co in August 2019 as a graduate from Northumbria University where he studied for a degree in International Relations and Politics. He is providing support to the dealing team and oversees the security of the client online area. Joe is studying towards chartered status with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI).

Stuart Forshaw

Equity Research Analyst

E: s.forshaw@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Stuart joined the team in September 2012 as an Equity Research Analyst. He has worked in broking and fund management in the North West since 1982 and has considerable experience in analysing smaller companies. Stuart is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (FCSI).

Angela Greenwood

Client Money – Banking and Reconciliation

E: a.greenwood@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Angela is the longest serving member of staff and has been with the firm since 1985. She has a wealth of experience and deep seated knowledge of the business and the financial sector. Her responsibilities include overseeing the firm's banking and the quarterly distribution of income from clients' nominee accounts.

Gail Layton


E: g.layton@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Gail joined James Sharp in 2005 following a previous employment with a firm of accountants. She undertakes a number of administrative functions as well as reception duties.

Jan Round


E: j.round@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Jan joined James Sharp in September 2019. Jan works alongside Gail, and is responsible for handling incoming calls and a number of supporting administrative duties

Janine Wilding


E: j.wilding@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Janine joined James Sharp in 1996 after a position with a local accountancy firm. Janine currently supports the ISA administration team as well as providing cover for other critical roles within client services.

Joanne Kinsey


E: j.kinsey@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Joanne works within James Sharp's stock depository department. She joined the firm in 1996 and has a great deal of experience in the settlement of equity transactions.

Josh McArdle

Dividend Reconciliation

E: j.mcardle@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Josh joined James Sharp in 2012 as a graduate from Manchester University where he studied for a degree in Actuarial Science and Maths. He is responsible for the safe posting and reconciliation of dividends to clients' nominee accounts. Josh is studying towards chartered status with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

Tony Vardy

Compliance Manager

E: t.vardy@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Tony joined James Sharp in 2016 and has a wealth of experience in compliance and risk management within the stockbroking sector. He is responsible for managing the compliance function, keeping up to date with regulatory developments, advising the business and monitoring controls to mitigate against risk.

Oliver Stanton

Compliance Officer & Data Protection Officer

E: o.stanton@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Oliver joined James Sharp in 2012 as a linguistics graduate from Lancaster University. He currently supports the compliance team on statutory issues such as the anti-money laundering directives. He is currently studying towards chartered status with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

Toby Stear

Compliance Assistant

E: t.stear@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Toby has a degree in biology and started his career in laboratory analysis before joining James Sharp and co in 2017. He switched careers and is now part of our compliance team where he is currently studying for his professional examinations.

Sarah Hodgkiss

ISA Administration

E: s.hodgkiss@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Sarah works on the administration of ISA accounts and assists with ISA transfers, ensuring the business complies with the Inland Revenue rules. She joined James Sharp in 1999 and has three children.

Sarah Platt


E: s.platt@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Sarah has excellent experience within the stockbroking sector and essential knowledge of the back office support roles. She is currently responsible for contracts, statements and valuations. Sarah joined James Sharp in 1999.

Susan Simpson


E: s.simpson@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Susan works within the Safe Custody Department where she is responsible for stock reconciliation. Susan also supports the management team, undertaking a number of secretarial duties. She has a great deal of essential knowledge and experience of the financial sector and has witnessed many of the advances within the industry. Susan joined James Sharp in 1987.

Tina McGuinness

Corporate Action

E: t.mcguinness@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Tina joined James Sharp in 1994 and has a wealth of experience in various back office roles within the stockbroking industry. She is responsible for managing corporate actions for nominee clients. She also provides attendance letters for AGMs and deals with clients' nominee account transfers.

Douglas Barlow

Corporate Actions Administrator

E: d.barlow@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 762 3778

Doug has worked in the Manchester stockbroking community since 1972, starting as a contract clerk in the days when contract notes were manually calculated and produced on a typewriter! He has been part of the team at James Sharp & Co since 2015, sharing a wealth of experience in back office processes.

Tom Wilkinson

Corporate Action Administration

E: t.wilkinson@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Tom joined the Corporate Actions team at James Sharp in July 2019 following 18 months of administrative experience at Liberty SIPP. He is looking to further develop his career in the financial industry by working towards his CISI qualifications.

Suzanne Fonseca

Data Analysis and Systems

E: s.fonseca@jamessharp.co.uk

T: 0161 764 4043

Suzanne joined James Sharp in 2018, primarily to assist with data management and new project implementation. Having started her career at Kellogg, she spent over 10 years at Liberty SIPP where her skills in financial services data and compliance were developed.