Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax

James Sharp helps clients seeking a stock market portfolio to limit their inheritance liabilities.

James Sharp helps clients limit their inheritance liabilities by using its skills and knowledge of investing in small companies on the AIM market, the London Stock Exchange’s market for small and medium size growth businesses.

Many AIM companies, but not all, qualify for Business Property Relief and are exempt from inheritance tax if held for a period of two years. We can help selecting those which qualify for inheritance tax (IHT) relief and more importantly, advise on suitable investments. 

Estate and tax planning is complicated and depends on your individual circumstances. It is sensible to get advice to help you make the right decisions for your situation.

The AIM market is generally considered high risk and can be more complex to navigate. Taking advice on these matters or opting for our Discretionary Service can significantly reduce the tax burden on an estate.

Inheritance Tax

  • Limit inheritance liabilities
  • Create a portfolio of companies listed on the AIM
  • Expert advice on AIM listed companies
Inheritance Tax

There are lots of companies on the AIM market but not all of them are profitable. We understand the nuances of the AIM market and can advise clients on building a portfolio of investments to limit their inheritance tax liabilities.

Speak to one of our Investment Managers about building a portfolio to limit inheritance tax liabilities.

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