Our history

Dating back to 1885, James Sharp & Co is extremely proud of its rich northern heritage and home town of Bury. Today we help clients throughout the UK and are one of the last stockbroking partnerships to be members of the London Stock Exchange.


The early years

The business was started in 1885 by banker, James Sharp at the Provident Buildings on Silver Street in Bury.

Following the Industrial Revolution and major technological and economic advances, James Sharp began a business to meet the needs of an increasingly affluent society.

Lancashire's industrial expansion was based on cotton textile production and by the turn of the 20th century, Bury was also the largest paper making area in the world.

Just 11 years after launching the business, James Sharp & Co was joined by Harry Heywood Driver as a partner and since then, the business has had just nine partners in total.


The 20th century

From 1899 until 1988, James Sharp & Co was located at Victoria Buildings on Silver Street in Bury. It was a member of the Oldham Stock Exchange which published its official list until 1965.

After 50 years at the helm, James Sharp retired from the business in 1935 and Arthur Driver, who had joined the business in 1928, went onto become a partner just a few years later.

In 1988, the business moved to Exchange House on Knowsley Street where it was located for 23 years.


Modern Times

In 2011, the business moved to its current location at The Exchange on Bank Street.

Advances in technology has led to swifter investment processes while new legislation and regulatory compliance have opened up fresh opportunities for investors.