Execution Only Execution Only

If you’re confident in making your own investment decisions and require professional dealing and custody service, our execution only service might be for you.

With this service we do not provide investment advice. This service is solely for the purposes of buying or selling investments.

Once you have registered your account with James Sharp & Co, you can communicate with us via phone or email. Through this service you can instruct us to buy and sell a number of investments, including; equities, investment trusts, open-ended investment companies and exchange traded funds.

Our Execution Only Service also includes:

  • Access to an experienced team of dealers to undertake investments on your behalf
  • Consolidated tax certificate
  • Secure online access to view your portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Execution Only Service?

Our execution-only service is purely for the execution of trades. We do not provide any advice about the merits or risks of the investments or their suitability. Execution-only services are predominantly telephone-based.

For whom is Execution Only suitable?

Since we do not provide advice, our execution-only service is mostly suitable for an experienced investor who has sufficient knowledge and experience to make their own investment decisions.

How does the Execution Only Service operate?

To ensure we can meet settlement deadlines we operate the service through our nominee service. This means that your investments are registered in the name of our nominee company although you remain the beneficial owner. We handle the settlements related to the buying and selling of securities, as well as collecting dividends and either depositing them in your account or paying them out to the relevant persons.