Discretionary  Discretionary

If you’re looking for a hands-off investment approach, but still want to benefit from active investment decisions without having the day to day worry – our Discretionary Service might be suitable for you.

With this service you will be assigned a dedicated investment manager, who will take control of your investment portfolio. The management of this will be based on our assessment of your attitude to risk and your investment objectives. At which time an agreed mandate will be put in place, and your investment manager will have full authority to make investment decisions on your behalf.

The benefit of this service is that you need not worry about the day to day management of your investment. Our team of investment managers, study and follow day to day market activity, so that they can react quickly to any changes in market conditions to optimise your portfolio performance. Leaving you to concentrate on other priorities.

Our Discretionary Service also includes:

  • Bespoke investment management
  • Quarterly valuations and performance updates
  • Consolidated tax certificate
  • Secure online access to view your portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is discretionary investment management?

This is where we take control of the investment decisions. We agree with you an investment mandate taking account of your attitude to risk, investment objectives and any investment restrictions or preferences. We then make all the investment decisions we believe are appropriate to your requirements.

How is discretionary management different from an advisory service?

Our advisory service is for those who want to stay in ultimate control of their investment decisions. We provide advice when you request it from us. We do not have any obligation to regularly review or report on your portfolio’s performance. The management of the portfolio is your responsibility. We act in an advisory capacity when you request advice from us.

What are the benefits of discretionary management?

We have a team of qualified professionals who constantly review the market. They can react quickly to opportunities and to changing events. You can have some piece of mind that your investments are being continuously reviewed. At the end of each quarter you will receive a report which will outline how your portfolio has performed against an appropriate industry standard benchmark.

For whom is discretionary management suitable?

It is suitable for individual investors who are comfortable handing over the control of their investments to a qualified professional. Trusts, SIPP’s and other corporate accounts may also consider using a discretionary service. There is a minimum portfolio value of £150K.