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Science in Sport PLC SiS: New Product Range for Footballers


The world leader in endurance sport nutrition has continued to roll-out football strategy


New innovation range was developed in partnership with top-tier professional clubs for footballers of all levels


Science in Sport is the official nutrition partner to 16 leading British football clubs including Manchester Utd, who it has been fuelling since 2008 as well as Celtic, Rangers and Aston Villa

LONDON - March 4, 2019: Science in Sport (SiS), the world's leading sports nutrition brand, today announced the launch of a new innovative product range specifically formulated for footballers. The range, which consists of a 'Pre-90' energy loader, a Surge pre-match Gel and a Surge Zero pre-training shot, was developed in collaboration with a number of leading nutritionists at professional football clubs, including Manchester United, Celtic, Rangers, Aston Villa and Wigan Athletic.

SiS has supplied clubs at all levels of professional football for nearly a quarter of a century. In the U.K. alone, more than 85 clubs use SiS products to aid their players with energy, hydration, rebuild and recovery needs.

With its new range, SiS hopes to educate grassroots players nationwide about the importance of putting the correct nutrition into their body to get the most out of it on match day - from Carbohydrate loading the day before a match, to getting sufficient hydration and energy 30 minutes before kick-off.

Research shows that academy footballers are on average 200g of carbohydrate under-fuelled1 for each match, meaning they often lack the energy stores needed to perform at their optimum level in the last 15-20 minutes of a match. The additional benefits that an increase in Carbohydrates, Nitrates2, Caffeine & Beta Alanine3 can have on performance is significant, but rarely known by most amateur players. The new SiS range contains these nutritional ingredients.

Stephen Moon, CEO at SiS said:

"Science in Sport is all about unlocking and maximising footballers' potential through the power of nutrition. We've already helped thousands of professional players feel the impact that nutrition can have on their performance.

Now our innovative football range will help amateur football players up and down the country appreciate the difference that nutrition can make, to help them win that first header, make that first tackle, and have enough energy all the way through 90 minutes."

SiS has supplied Manchester United with its products since 2008 and became the club's official nutrition partner in Europe in 2018. SiS's nutrition products have helped the club to win various trophies since 2008, and have fuelled many famous late goals.

SiS work closely with Manchester Utd's backroom team to provide tailored nutrition programmes for each player, using a combination of the new range and the wide range of existing products

"We cannot overstate the impact which good nutrition has on performance," said Mark Ellison, Consultant Nutritionist at Manchester United. "The access to expertise and the right products our team has with SiS has helped to make a subject that can confuse anyone second nature for our players, and it's important players of all levels receive that support.

We worked with SiS to develop the new SiS range. They provide a fantastic way for amateur footballers to fuel their bodies in preparation for their matches on a weekend, and we look forward to seeing the improvements it brings to the game."  

About the Science in Sport Football Range:

Pre-90 energy loader: Nutrition guidelines suggest taking on around 8-10g of carbohydrate per kilo of your body mass the day before a game.

Two servings of Pre-90 energy loader the day before a game and one with a pre-match breakfast will provide 225g of carbs and 1.5g of Nitrates. Nitrates can boost your blood flow so that muscles can work harder for longer, helping to improve sprint performance

Surge pre-match energy gel: This gel was developed with Manchester United to provide the body with a pre-match energy boost. With 200mg of caffeine, 22g of carbohydrate and Beta Alanine (1.6g), the Surge gel provides footballers with the optimum solution to ensure they are switched on and raring to go at kick-off. Additional ingredients: Citrulline Mallate (3g) and Arginine (1.5g).

Surge Zero (sugar) pre-match shot: The Surge shot is the ultimate pre-training pick-me-up. It contains 200mg of caffeine and b-vitamins, 1.6g beta alanine but zero calories, helping to reduce fatigue and boost focus.