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Goodwin Plc - Half-year Report 2020

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for the half year ended 31st October 2020



The pre-tax profit for the Group for the six month period ending 31st October 2020 was £5.8 million (2019 £7.4 million) a 22% decrease on revenue of £62.6 million. The Group cash flow and banking headroom are in line with the Board's expectations, and the order book remains robust at £174 million as at 31st October 2020 but caution is needed with the Covid-19 uncertainty delaying some capital projects and the downturn in the oil and gas industry, which is now likely to be a permanent feature and so a smaller percentage of our targeted business going forwards.

Within the Refractory Engineering Division, the current activity levels are climbing to similar levels to those seen prior to the onset of Covid-19.  However, we remain uncertain where we will stand after the effects of the second and possible third lock down.  The Castaldo silicone rubber technology and plant that we purchased during the previous financial year has been successfully relocated from the USA to our company in Thailand, Siam Casting Powders. This plant is now installed, commissioned and producing.

Without neglecting the huge recognition due to the dedicated hard work of all Group employees, through careful management of overhead and expenditure combined with the quality of our customer base and the order book that has been built with them, the Group has suffered less than many throughout the pandemic, for which we are grateful. With the high levels of uncertainty that Covid-19 continues to subject the world to, coupled with the side effects of Brexit in the UK, there have been exceedingly challenging trading conditions, which should correct themselves with the markets we address, once normality can resume