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F.W. Thorpe Plc - Final Results ended 30 June 2020

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FW Thorpe Plc 

The group of companies that de sign, manufacture and supply professional lighting systems - is pleased to announce its preliminary results for the year ended 30 June 2020.

Key points:

Continuing operations








2.4% increase


Operating profit (before profit on disposal of property)



7.5% decrease


Profit before tax (before profit on disposal of property)



9.7% decrease


Profit before tax



18.5% decrease


Basic earnings per share



17.7% decrease


  • Total interim and final dividend of 5.66p (2019: 5.53p) - an increase of 2.4%
  • Revenue surpassed last year's high - supported by SmartScan sales, Famostar and Services
  • Results dampened by impact of COVID-19 in last quarter of the financial year and the lower margins for Services
  • Net cash generated from operating activities remained strong - £19.4m (2019: £21.6m)
  • Solid recovery at the start of 2020/21, operating performance in line with the start of 2019/20