Shell plc Announces Q1 Interim Dividend for 2024

London, May 2, 2024 − The Board of Shell plc (the “Company”) today announced an interim dividend in respect of the first quarter of 2024 of US$ 0.344 per ordinary share.

Details relating to the first quarter 2024 interim dividend

Per ordinary shareQ1 2024
Shell Shares (US$)0.344

Shareholders will be able to elect to receive their dividends in US dollars, euros or pounds sterling.

Absent any valid election to the contrary, persons holding their ordinary shares through Euroclear Nederland will receive their dividends in euros.

Absent any valid election to the contrary, shareholders (both holding in certificated and uncertificated form (CREST members)) and persons holding their shares through the Shell Corporate Nominee will receive their dividends in pounds sterling.

The pound sterling and euro equivalent dividend payments will be announced on June 10, 2024.

Per ADSQ1 2024
Shell ADSs (US$)0.688

Cash dividends on American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) will be paid, by default, in US dollars.

Each ADS represents two ordinary shares. ADSs are evidenced by an American Depositary Receipt (“ADR”) certificate. In many cases the terms ADR and ADS are used interchangeably.

Dividend timetable for the first quarter 2024 interim dividend

Announcement dateMay 2, 2024
Ex- Dividend Date for ADSsMay 16, 2024
Ex- Dividend Date for ordinary sharesMay 16, 2024
Record dateMay 17, 2024
Closing of currency election date (see Note below)June 3, 2024
Pound sterling and euro equivalents announcement dateJune 10, 2024
Payment dateJune 24, 2024

A different currency election date may apply to shareholders holding shares in a securities account with a bank or financial institution ultimately holding through Euroclear Nederland. This may also apply to other shareholders who do not hold their shares either directly on the Register of Members or in the corporate sponsored nominee arrangement. Shareholders can contact their broker, financial intermediary, bank or financial institution for the election deadline that applies.

Taxation – cash dividends
If you are uncertain as to the tax treatment of any dividends you should consult your tax advisor.

Dividend Reinvestment Programmes (“DRIP”)
The following organisations offer Dividend Reinvestment Plans (“DRIPs”) which enable the Company’s shareholders to elect to have their dividend payments used to purchase the Company’s shares:

  • Equiniti Financial Services Limited (“EFSL”), for those holding shares (a) directly on the register as certificate holder or as CREST Member and (b) via the Shell Corporate Nominee;
  • ABN-AMRO NV (“ABN”) for Financial Intermediaries holding shares via Euroclear Nederland;
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“JPM”) for holders of ADSs; and
  • Other DRIPs may also be available from the intermediary through which investors hold their shares and ADSs.

These DRIP offerors provide their DRIPs fully on their account and not on behalf of the Company. Interested parties should contact the relevant DRIP offeror directly.

More information can be found at

To be eligible to participate in the DRIPs for the next dividend, shareholders must make a valid dividend reinvestment election before the published date for the close of elections. 

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