About James Sharp

Founded in 1885, James Sharp is an independent stockbroking firm committed to delivering long term capital and income growth.

With a common sense approach and carefully researched investments, we provide a range of integrated services to meet the needs of individual clients. And, because we are not part of a financial services group, we can take an unbiased view of investment opportunities.

James Sharp draws upon more than a century of tailoring bespoke solutions to form lasting, intelligent and trusting partnerships with clients balancing growth aspirations with attitude to risk.

James Sharp

Investment Style

James Sharp operates a predominantly 'value' based approach to investments. We do not follow the latest trend or fad but prefer to follow an approach that is consistently successful over the longterm. We are happy to concede that patience is a key element to this approach.

Our investment strategies are based on in-depth analytical research of UK companies. Investment opportunities are thoroughly investigated by building up a sound knowledge of businesses, competitors and sectors. We actively meet with companies at Annual General Meetings and undertake field visits to develop a qualitative understanding of a company while assessing external research.

We base our stock recommendations on companies that can demonstrate a number of the following characteristics:

  • Organic growth rather than acquisition led growth
  • Stability through one or more business cycles
  • Consistent trend of generating cash rather than just profit
  • Clear commitment and track record of paying dividends
  • Strong management team who have their own monetary investments within the company
  • Market value supported by tangible assets, such as property backing or cash in the bank