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Mountview Estates Plc - "Concert Party" Announcement

Announcement regarding the Sinclair Family Concert Party

The Company has previously notified its shareholders of the existence of a concert party consisting of certain members of the Sinclair family, related Sinclair family trusts and companies under the control of certain Sinclair family members (the "Concert Party").

In September 2013, the Concert Party entered into a revised agreement (the "Concert Party Agreement") setting out certain terms of conduct between members of the Concert Party including the event of an offer being made for the Company. The concert party members are not bound under the terms of the Concert Party Agreement to vote together at a general meeting of the Company. In October 2016, the Concert Party Agreement was extended for a period of three years; this extension came to an end, in accordance with its terms, at 5.00pm on 30 September 2019.

The Concert Party is in discussions to extend the Concert Party Agreement for a period of three years, until 30 September 2022. A further announcement will be made once this has been completed.

The Concert Party continues to have control of voting rights over 1,993,951 ordinary shares representing approximately 51.14 per cent. of the Company's issued share capital.