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M. P. Evans Group - Publication of Sustainability Report

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A producer of sustainable Indonesian palm oil

2020 Sustainability Report

The Group is pleased to announce the publication of its first Sustainability Report ("Report"), covering the Group's activities during the two-year period to 30 June 2019.

The Report sets out how the Group's focus is to:

Protect the environment …
… by minimising emission of greenhouse gases and ensuring the Group is not responsible for any deforestation. The Report sets out the Group's activity in capturing methane and generating biogas, preventing any burning of land for subsequent cultivation, the identification and protection of conservation and high-carbon-stock areas, and promoting biodiversity.

Demonstrate the benefits of sustainable palm-oil production …
… by knowing where all the fresh fruit bunches ("ffb") it processes come from, managing water carefully and seeking to prevent pollution of air, land or water. The Report sets out how the Group certifies its production and how it plans to achieve full traceability of all ffb that it processes, as well as how it manages water and agricultural chemicals.

Have a positive economic and social impact on communities …
… by setting high standards in how the Group treats its staff and workers, and in how it works in partnership with local communities. The Report sets out how the Group runs award-winning smallholder co-operative schemes ("scheme smallholders") alongside its estates, promotes gender equality, works to improve the education and health of its workforce and the communities where it operates, and is vigilant for any sign of modern slavery amongst the firms from which it buys goods and services.

The Report should be read in conjunction with the 2018 Annual Report. Both are available to download at

Commenting on publication of the report, chief executive of MPE, Tristan Price, said:

"Palm oil is the world's most productive vegetable oil, and when grown sustainably can help provide nutrition to the world's growing population in a sustainable way. M.P.Evans is proud of the part it plays in achieving this and remains dedicated to operating in a sustainable manner."