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Goodwin Plc - Half-Year Report 2019


Goodwin Plc


For the half year ended 31st October 2019

The pre-tax profit for the Group for the six month period ending 31st October 2019 was £7.4 million some 5.1% down (2018 £7.8 million). This deterioration was despite the turnover for the period being marginally in front with a 3.8% increase. This is a feature of the disruption caused by the commotions in our parliamentary system over the past six months where the uncertainty has temporarily stalled projects.

With further clarity over Brexit, we will be looking to start capitalising from the tremendous success our Group companies have had in winning large amounts of business from new market areas.

We have every reason to believe that the new financial year will allow our Group companies to start increasing profits.   We also expect to have further successes in winning significant new business due to the dedication and hard work of all who work within them.