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Fulcrum Utility Services Limited - Fulcrum Awarded Significant Smart Meter Contract

Fulcrum Utility Services Limited, the UK's market leading independent multi?utility infrastructure and services provider, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with an energy supplier to provide services as an integrated smart meter installer, meter operator and meter asset manager. The agreement provides Fulcrum with the opportunity to supply and install 90,000 SMETS2 domestic meters and is the first significant smart meter contract since the Company chose to enter into the market earlier this year, having gained the accreditations to install, own and operate smart meters.


Fulcrum continues to see the benefits of cross-selling within the Group, with CDS Pipe Services Limited, its specialist engineering subsidiary, securing a £0.5 million contract to design and construct complex gas infrastructure for Short Term Operating Reserve in the North West on behalf a power plant developer and operator.  Once installed, Fulcrum Pipelines will own and operate the gas infrastructure.


Martin Harrison, Chief Executive of Fulcrum, said:


"As we establish and grow our metering business, we are delighted to have been appointed to bring the benefits of smart meters to our client's customers as we supply and install 90,000 SMETS2 domestic meters."