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B.P. Marsh & Partners Plc - Final Results


B.P. Marsh & Partners Plc (AIM: BPM), the specialist investor in early stage financial services businesses, announces its audited Group final results for the year to 31 January 2019.

The highlights of the results are:

·   Net Asset Value of £126.2m (31 January 2018: £98.9m), a 10.0% increase, net of Dividend and £16.6m net cash raised through the Placing and Open Offer in July 2018

·   Total Shareholder return of 11.7% for the year including the Dividend paid in July 2018

·   Net Asset Value per share increased to 350p (31 January 2018: 339p)

·   Net Asset Value average annual compound growth rate of 11.9% since 1990 (net of Dividends and Placing cash)

·  Consolidated profit after tax of £12.5m (31 January 2018: £20.2m, or £10.8m excluding one-off items). Up 16% excluding one-off items

·   Increase in the Equity Value of the portfolio of 16.1% to £101.9m (31 January 2018 £79.1m)

·   Final Dividend of 4.76p per share declared (31 January 2018: 4.76p), payable in July 2019

·   Cash and treasury funds balance of £7.9m at year end, of which £1.5m remains uncommitted

·   New investment in Australia, ATC Insurance Solutions PTY Ltd

·   Additional investments in Nexus and XPT and provision of follow-on funding to Nexus

·   Continued strong opportunity pipeline

·   Share price increase of c.11% in the year and c.113% over five years


"We are pleased to have produced a good overall performance in an uncertain macro environment, which is testament to our developing investment portfolio and the tenacity of our team."


Brian Marsh OBE, Chairman