A guide to stock market investments for young people

James Sharp has contributed to a critically acclaimed guide to stock market investments for teenagers and young people by Lord Lee of Trafford.

James Sharp is referenced in the book, which explains the stock market investment process through a fictitious company called Yummi Yoghurt plc.

Lord Lee has been a long-term advocate of teaching younger generations the importance of understanding investments. He was a junior investor and took a strong interest in the stock market at a young age.

The book includes reviews from the personal finance editors of the Financial Times and The Mail on Sunday as well as a former Education Secretary, Lord Kenneth Baker.

It tells the story of a Devon farming family that started producing yoghurt to supplement their farm income which developed into a successful business and became a publicly quoted company, and how teenagers from another family made their first investments in Yummi.

Investment Adviser Steve Ross, said: "James Sharp is delighted to have made a small contribution to Lord Lee's new book, 'A First Taste of Stock Market Investment!' with a mocked-up James Sharp contract note for the purchase of 100 shares in Yummi Yoghurt Plc which is a fictitious company that Lord Lee uses to explain the basics of stock market investing."

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