Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update 3rd July 2020

Most of our team are still working from home and will continue to do so until it is safe to operate from our office. We have adapted well to working from home and are confident we can continue to do so for a prolonged period, if required.

That said, our preference would be to return to the workplace and we are working on plans to adapt the configuration of our office so that we can return to work safely, whilst adhering to social distancing guidance.

We are currently not opening new accounts and this is so that we can continue to serve our existing client base during these exceptional circumstances.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage clients with certificated accounts to adopt nominee accounts. Likewise, those clients who use cheques to consider wire bank payments. Transactions which rely on paper systems have proven more challenging at present.

In the interest of staff and client safety we will continue to arrange all communication remotely. We are still unable to receive clients in the office or via face-to-face consultation. This is likely to continue for some time and we will endeavour to update clients further, as things progress.

Best wishes to you and your families and thank you for your ongoing co-operation.